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Test Tracks

C-Class on the on-road test trackOn-Road Test Track

The MBUSI on-road test track, located at the Mercedes-Benz factory in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, is where features such as suspension and traction can be tested.

The on-road track provides our test drivers with road hazards that simulate typical and extreme driving conditions: A Hill Test with 18%, 30%, and 60% ramps; a Roller-Test to simulate wheel slip conditions- such as ice; a Comfort Assessment Test; Torque Test; Long Bump Test; Truck Tire Rut Test; Water Trough Test; and a Manhole Cover Test; etc.

The 18% Roller Test is also located at the on-road test track. This test simulates a loss of traction on up to three of the vehicle’s four wheels.


off-road test trackThe MBUSI off-road test track located at the Mercedes-Benz factory in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama –  highlights maneuverability and handling of the GLE and GL SUVs over rough terrain. The course is used by experienced Design Engineers to test and confirm capabilities designed into our SUVs from the ground up.

Whether climbing steep grades, driving through deep pot holes, or fording streams, most people don’t realize that the exquisitely detailed and innovative luxury Mercedes-Benz SUVs are also built to conquer difficult off-road driving situations.

The MBUSI off-road test track features potholes, railroad ties, waterholes, steep hill climbs, and many other obstacles that demonstrate the outstanding off-road capabilties of the GLE and the GL SUVs.

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