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The GLE SUV, GL SUV, and GLE Coupe Assembly Shop has 6 “Trim Lines”, 4 Final Lines, Door Line, Engine/Chassis Line, Off-Line Quality Testing, as well as a repair area. The lines run East and West and the vehicles usually face the same way the majority of the time.

Team Members take pride in their workAll Team Members in Assembly wear ‘Team Wear” which includes special protective belts and protective watch coverings to prevent them from scratching the body. In addition, Team Members wear special work shoes that do not allow Electrostatic Discharge. The prevention of electrostatic discharge is essential in preventing damage to computer components during assembly. The Logistics Center, located nearby, receives the majority of our assembly parts where they are sorted and put into sequence for efficient delivery to the assembly line using either the order card system or the push button. Our suppliers utilize mostly reusable plastic crates for shipment and supply, instead of non-recyclable wood or cardboard containers, to support our commitment to help the environment.

After all Quality checks are completed, there are additional quality checks for complete customer vehicle fit and finish. Such off-line tests include, but are not limited to:

  • Team Members paying attention fo detailsTest Track -The vehicle is driven onto a special test track to check for “rattles,vibrations and wind noise.
  • Wheel alignment – the suspension and wheel alignment will be checked.
  • Rolls Test – This is a computer test of all the electronic functions under various simulated driving situations (e.g, temp, speed,etc.,)
  • Quality shower – on-line water shower test to ensure that the vehicle is sealed properly.

Each vehicle then proceeds to the ‘WSA’ line to prepare for Shipping where it receives its final quality checks. MBUSA then preps and applies market-specific labels for shipping.

Ownership is then transferred to MBUSA. At this point the vehicle will travel to the Marshalling Yard and be prepared for truck, train, or ship transport to dealers within the worldwide marketplace.